Cook-Off Contest Entry Form

The cook-off is coming back to the Weinstein Law Uncle Fletch Festival!

This year’s event will include categories for hamburgers and sides. Download Application Here.

For this event, a Hamburger consists of one or more cooked patties of ground meat placed inside sliced bread or a roll. There are no limits on toppings (cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc.) or condiments (mustard, mayo, etc.). Sides include side dishes such as potato salad, french fries, fried pickles, etc. Registration fee is $50 per team.

Contest Rules

  1. There will be trophies awarded in two (2) categories: Burgers and Sides.
  2. Teams can consist of any number of individuals but each team must have a captain. There will be a cooks’ meeting at 9 a.m. the morning of the festival that the captains must attend.
  3. A space of approximately 10’ x 12’ will be allotted. You are encouraged to decorate your space as you wish.
  4. Cook teams must provide all equipment and supplies including tables and tents. You will need to bring your own meat, ingredients, mixing bowls, serving trays, utensils, etc. All property and equipment used for cooking must be confined to your allocated space. All equipment must also be free standing. No stakes or digging is allowed.
  5. Cooking may be done on Gas or Grill. Space is limited. No electricity is available onsite. All equipment you bring must be self-sufficient including grills, tables, chairs, and pop up tent/shelter. Generators may be used.
  6. Setup may begin as early as 7:30 a.m. and must be completed before 10 a.m.
  7. Teams must submit two identical entries (Burger, Side, or both) for judging.
  8. All Burgers and Sides must be cooked on site. Prep work of some ingredients may be done offsite but all cooking and assembly of Burgers and Sides must be made onsite. Cooking may begin after cooks’ meeting.
  9. Entry submission times will be in waves between 11:30 and 12:30. Submission times for individual teams will be assigned the morning of the festival.
  10. Judges will vote for the Burgers and Sides based on the following considerations: flavor, texture, aroma and presentation.
  11. Neither the City of Athens nor any volunteer will be held responsible for loss, damage, theft, injury, or accidents.
  12. Trophies will be presented to the top three finishers in each category (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
  13. The decision of the judges is final.
  14. Score sheets will NOT be made available after judging.
  15. The Festival Committee reserves the right to amend these rules as needed.

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